Homework for April 22nd, 2018

Dear parents,

Here are the home works assigned by class level for each of the Telugubadi students. All these home works are due on April 22nd, 2018. 

Please make sure that your children complete this home work before the next class. Also, please bring kids prepared to take a picture.

NOTE: The final exam for Telugubadi for this year is on May 6th.

1. Write words written in the notebook.
2. Practice all the acchulu.

Madhyama - 1
1. Write Gunintaalu for the letters త, థ, ద, ధ, న and  ప, ఫ, బ, భ, మ in the notebook.
2. Practice telugu names for Seasons, Vegetables and Feelings from the textbook for a test next week. 

Utteerna - 1 
Prepare for the final exam.

Utteerna - 2
1. Start preparing for the final exam.
2. Review the rules for all the sandhulu learnt so far (until yanaadesa sandhi).
3. Complete the vocabulary exercise provided in the notebook.


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