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Homework for January 14th, 2017

Dear parents, We will have our mid-term exam for the school year on January 28th, 2018. All the syllabus covered until January 21st, 2018 will be a part of this exam. Please start revising the syllabus covered so far in preparation for the test. Here are the home works assigned by class level for each of the Telugubadi students. All these home works are due on January 14th, 2018.  Please make sure that your children complete this home work before the next class. Prathamika 1. Complete tracing last week's letters త, థ, ద, ధ and న.  2. Write 3 to 5 more words with each letter in notebook. 3. Some children have not completed the homework from the class before the holidays. Please make sure that your child completes those backlogs. Madhyama - 1 Write all the words on page 15 (Spell in English). Finish Gunintaalu from the class upto ఎ ఏ ఐ from క to ణ. Utteerna - 1   1. Read the story: "Melu Marachina Maharaju" fluently in the next class. 2. Pra