Homework for March 11th, 2018

Dear parents,

Here are the home works assigned by class level for each of the Telugubadi students. All these home works are due on March 11th, 2018. 

NOTE: Please make kids practice their portions of the script for the Ugadi event. 

Please make sure that your children complete this home work before the next class.

1. Write achulu and hallulu 1 time.
2. Finish writing words written the notebook 

Madhyama - 1
1. Finish last week's Gunintaalu up to అం అః
2. Practice words on pages #13 and 15. There will be a test next week on them. 

Utteerna - 1 
1. Memorize the padyam “Sri Krishna“.
2. Practice reading the lesson “Prana Snehithulu”
3. Identify 10 difficult words from the lesson “Prana  Snehithulu ” and write each word ten times.
4. Memorize your lines for the skit by Thursday.

Utteerna - 2
1. Identify (write) the correct sandhi and write the combined word for the following:
a) బింబ + ఓష్ఠి ; b) అధిక + ఐశ్వర్యము; c) భీష్మ + ఏకాదశి. 
2. Review the rules for: సవర్ణ దీర్ఘ సంధి, గుణ సంధి and వృద్ధి సంధి. 


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