Homework for February 25th, 2018

Dear parents,

Here are the home works assigned by class level for each of the Telugubadi students. All these home works are due on February 25th, 2018. 

Please make sure that your children complete this home work before the next class.

1. Write three words each with the letters: ళ, క్ష and ఱ.  
2. Finish tracing these letters. 
3. Be prepared to say a short telugu story in the next class.

Madhyama - 1
1. Complete tracing all Gunintaalu upto ఒ, ఓ, ఔ.
2. Finish writing the words on Page #63 in Telugu. 

Utteerna - 1 

1. Learn “జయ జయ”
2. Learn the vocab from the lesson “Dhikkulu”
3. Learn all the vocabulary  “Households”.
4. Write the given words each ten times . 

Utteerna - 2
1. Write the two morals you have learnt from the story: "కృతజ్ఞత".
2. Write the break-down of the three words given in the class using సవర్ణ దీర్ఘ సంధి. 


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