Homework for November 5th, 2017

Dear parents,

NOTE: Please remember to adjust your clocks for the time change for the fall season on November 5th at 1:00AM.

Here are the home works assigned by class level for each of the Telugubadi students. All these home works are due on November 5th, 2017. Students should complete this work before the class. 

Parents, please make sure that your children complete this home work before the next class.

Complete tracing last week's letters ఒ, ఓ and ఔ. Also complete tracing this week's letters అం, అ: in the work book. 
Write 5 more words with each letter in notebook.
Practice tracing letters from అ to అ:.
Practice saying numbers 1 to 50 in Telugu.

Madhyama - 1
Write the words on page #28 and fill up the table on page #29 in the textbook. 

Utteerna - 1 

Speak in Telugu for at least 30 min at home every day and get it signed by your parents on a daily basis.

Prepare for a reading (50%), Writing +Speaking(50%) test:

1. Vandematharam - Fluent recitation.
2. Students will be given a random paragraph from the two lessons taught earlier and will be asked to read.
3. Vocabulary from Vishnu Mahima, Sri Krishna Devarayala kala, Bank, Extended family followed by Paryaya padhalu, Vyathrirekha padhalu, ekavachanamu -bahuvachanamulu.
4. Summarise and tell the story of vishnu mahima(Naga) /Sri Krishnadevaryarala kala(Karthik) in fluent Telugu.

Based on the test scores kids will be either continuing in U1 and we will be proceeding with the next lessons or moved back to M2.

Utteerna - 2

1) Read the whole story: "దైవం, నైవేద్యం" fluently. We will repeat the same exercise in the coming class and students should be able to read the whole story fluently.
2) Speak in Telugu for at least 30 min at home every day and get it signed by your parents on a daily basis.

Also, we want to remind you about  భాగవతం ఆణిముత్యాలు పద్యాల పోటీ'. The new date will be announced soon. 
In the meantime, please select a పద్యం for your kids and make them practice.
Let us also know about your choice.
If time permits, we can make the kids say that పద్యం in the class too.


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